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Whilst Excelsior Art is in St Ives lets, talk about Stanley Spencer

The Harbour St Ives -Stanley Spencer


Born 1891 Died 1959

Born in Cookham-upon-Thames, he enrolled at the Slade in 1908, training under Brown and Tonks. Became known for his artistic drawing gift when he enlisted with the British Medical Corps in 1915. Spencer had a very limited connection with St Ives and probably visited only twice-during his honeymoon in June-July 1937, and then again the following year. Immediately he was offered membership in STISA which he accepted, keeping up membership in 1949. 

In St Ives, Spencer rented a cottage from the artist John Anthony Park. Produced six canvases of St Ives, one of which, The Harbour, St Ives, was included in the 1987 Looking West Exhibition. Involvement with STISA after 1938 was minimal. He was Knighted in 1959.