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Colours That Will Cheer You Up

There is an arm of therapy that is used to help people with depression that is often not talked about or perhaps never heard of--it's called colour psychology. Colour psychology is the study of different hues and its impact on human behavior. Over the years, people are paying closer attention to how colour can influence their mood. The validation of colour therapy is becoming more pronounced and being used to treat high blood pressure and other ailments in addition to the emotions. The colours of blue, green, orange, yellow and purple all have an impact on how we feel. Just like the seasons of nature impact our moods, colour can have a magical impact on helping us transition out of sorrow. Here are 6 ways colour can cheer you up.


Orange represents a spirit free from limitations and a sense of adventure. It is associated with hope, pleasure, warmth, sunshine, enthusiasm, faith creativity, success, motivation, change, determination, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression and wonder. Orange may evoke fear, however. Orange is used to warn people of pending danger on work sites and on the highways. These warnings are seared into our consciousness. For people who are struggling with fear, the therapist might alternate the orange colour to blue to calm them. The colour may help people struggling with fatigue.


Yellow just brings happiness all around! Yellow is an attention getter and radiates a cheerful feeling when you observe it. It is used to raise self-esteem in those who need it or don't need it. This is why we feel happy when we wear yellow clothing or walk into a room that is yellow. There is more to just feeling great with the glow of yellow. It may help your health as it promotes digestion and calms the stomach down. "All diseases of the digestive tract should be treated with the color yellow. People who are discontent show a change of facial expression when exposed to yellow light," shared. There is another side to yellow. If the yellow is too bright, it can evoke dread or tension since this is often associated with warnings of danger. Dark yellow represents networking, communicating and people working together for a common goal.


There is a reason that nature is calming for us. Since green dominates nature, it encourages us to embrace growth with a sense of renewal and endurance. Green offers a person who is struggling with sadness, a sense of hope. It's also a symbol of freedom and supplies us with a sense of rest. Physically, green can be used to reduce inflammation, chronic coughs and can be used as a sedative for nervousness twitches. Too much green can have a negative impact by making people more moody, sad, rejected and listless. Green is also associated with greed and envy.


Purple is associated with spirituality, but it goes beyond this. It means leadership, loyalty, gentry, power, wisdom, sophistication, commitment, peace, autonomy and achievement. It will help people feel inspired and bring a source of strength when they indulge in this colour. Use the colour purple if you are lacking in creativity as it will give you an overall boost. Physically, purple calms the body and aids the lymphatic system. The colour is great to use while performing meditation going into prayer or doing yoga. There is a reason that royalty wears this color, it is empowering across the board for you emotional and your physical well-being.


Blue is the colour of the sky and represents the sea. It is connected to trust, integrity, wisdom, confidence, faith and Heaven. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It can also help people speak with truth, freedom, intuition, imagination and with sensitivity. "As the colour of the spirit, it invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and exude feelings of tranquility," shared. We know that feeling blue is not a good thing, but if the blue is lighter (sky blue) in colour it can be used to bring a sense of calmness. Darker blue can help you feel more spiritually connected.


Red is an emotionally charged colour as it is the colour of blood and life. It is associated with power, vibrancy, love, confidence and passion. The colour can lift your emotions, bring courage and even spike your blood pressure. If you are in a sad mood, red can give you a surge of energy where there is lack. People who lack confidence may choose the colour of red to help them have an edge. For people dealing with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder--the colour can help them concentrate more. However, red will not help you relax as it is a charged colour and may increase aggression, anger and aversion.