Dominic Keshavarz

Dominic Keshavarz is an artist based in Kent and he is drawn to the quieter places in his local environment; the places that are frequently overlooked.

The subjects of the pictures aren’t necessarily the most important thing. I’m more interested in evoking a feeling in the viewer – trying to communicate how I felt in the landscape through the drawing. 
I use a stippling technique (small dotted marks) to build up areas of tonal variation. In some ways it’s a bit like a sculptural process as I’m carving out areas of shadow and light in order to create a representation of a space’


In this way the Dominic hopes the works will suggest both an immediate sensation of a place and a more lingering contemplation of time passing in the space, much as one might experience by being in that place in nature.

Dominic was a finalist in the Ashurst Art Prize in 2016 and Columbia Threadneedle Prize in 2018.

He won the Bowyer Drawing Prize in 2018.

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